Bottled Water Delivery

Looking for bottled water delivery in the Charlotte area?

We have a better solution!

Compare our products/services to the products/services offered by bottled water companies below:


42 lb. bottles to change Completely bottle free
Rental fee + cost of water One flat fee every month
Weekly/bi-weekly delivery Routine service twice yearly
Bottle storage space needed No wasted office space
Limited water supply Unlimited water supply
No microbial protection UV sanitation in every Innowave unit
Surcharges for fuel, delivery, etc. Price-lock guarantee
Cost goes up as consumption goes up Unlimited water supply to meet any water demand
Meets tap water requirements 3-stage filtration in our popular Innowave systems
Equipment rarely cleaned Equipment cleaned at every service visit
No bacteria inhibitor BioCote on every Innowave unit

Bottleless water systems are the hassle-free solution to your office’s water needs.  Why deal with confusing monthly invoices, security issues, storage problems and possible worker’s comp claims?

Important questions to ask EVERY water system Sales Representative:

  • Does this system offer in-tank ultraviolet sanitization?
  • Does this system offer BioCote or another technology that prevents the growth of bacteria on the machine?
  • How often is the system cleaned? (According to the International Bottled Water Association, bottled water coolers should be sanitized once every 6 months – how often are they going to come out and sanitize the machine properly for you?)
  • Is your product removing chemicals and contaminants, providing us with the purest drinking water possible when we fill our glasses at the unit?
  • Does the product offer on-site manufacturing of a premium product?

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