Providing Filtered Water For Your Home Or Office


Forget the bottled water coolers. Go bottle-less today!

Call us to set up a one week FREE trial!

(704) 845-FAST (3278)

We will install a bottle-less Innowave office water cooler in your building for one week at no cost to you!  We are so sure that you will love having our Innowave system in your office and be so impressed with our service that you will never want to go back to life without it!

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current water filtration system or just need service on a current cooler –

We can help!

3 Easy Steps to a Cleaner, Greener Water Solution:

1.) Call TODAY for your free quote!

2.) Let us schedule your easy installation.

3.) Start enjoying the benefits of your bottle-less water cooler!

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